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Natural Molluscum

Natural Molluscum is a treatment for molluscum contagiosum that is based on a natural remedy. Before you read this review, you must know that I am partial to this treatment because it is the only one that managed to cure my and my daughter's mollscum infections.

Natural Remedy

As the name suggests, this is a natural remedy using only natural material and ingredients. One thing that you should know is that even if it is natural, there is a warning with the treatment that does not recommend using it on children under 1 years old, or on the eyelids or very close to the eye. But, given the sensitivity of the eye, I would not use any other treatment on that area either, and you should always consult a doctor before using a treatment on a very young child.

Personal Experience

I found Natural Molluscum to be very effective. I used the treatment on for myself and on my 7 year old daughter as well. My infection was gone in about two weeks, hers in less than one week. When I say gone, I mean the bumps were flat, but there was still very faint traces of discoloration where they used to be. It took another month for my skin to become completely clear, a bit over two weeks for my daughter.


As far as I am concerned, Natural Molluscum is my favorite available remedy for molluscum contagiosum. None of the other treatments that I tried come even close in terms of effectiveness, speed, or cost. I give the it a score of 9/10. It is not a perfect treatment because of a couple of minor issues like children under 1 should not use it and it should not be used to treat an infection very close to the eyes. For all others, it should cure the molluscum very quickly.

My Rating for Natural Molluscum: 9/10

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