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Genital Molluscum Contagiosum

Adults tend to get molluscum contagiosum on their genitals and in their pubic areas. This is due to the transmission of the molluscum virus during sex. The virus is highly contagious and gets transmitted through direct skin contact. During sex, the pubic areas and genitals are very exposed and rubbed vigorously, and transmission is therefore easy and inevitable.

Men who have genital molluscum on their penis, and women who have it on their vagina should abstain from sex until the infection is gone, otherwise it will get transmitted to their partner. In fact, molluscum in the pubic area is probably a turn off for your partner, so be considerate and do not try to have sex.


Adults who are sexually active will probably want to clear the infection as quickly as possible. I would recommend Natural Molluscum because it is safe in that area of the body and will clear the molluscum contagiosum lesions quickly.

While treating genital molluscum is the same as treating molluscum on other parts of the body, there are a few differences. The genital areas are more sensitive, so you probably want a treatment that is not painful. In addition, you do not want scars in that area, so treatments that can scar (like cutting and scraping) should be avoided. Check out the molluscum treatment page for more details.


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